Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lakers Hockey

home team

Notre Dame

face off

Notre Dame bench, we sat right next to it on the glass
I love long weekends. Jay and I went to a college hockey game in the Sault, MI. I went to college there one year and never went to a game. How did I miss out on so much fun? Well, I was in the orchestra and had a concert most home games. Plus, I was broke. And I thought, at that time, that hockey was barbaric. :) Love it now!

Notre Dame was the opponent. We lost 4-1. It was a good to have a date. We ate out, had several hours of talking and listening to Traditional Celtic music in the car and had fun.

It took us the entire game to see what was on the goalie's helmet. The starting goalie had a shillelagh on his (a traditional Irish walking stick that could be used as a club in a fight) and the back up's was an Alaska seal. The custom paint on them was very cool. The Laker's goalie had an anchor on his. Those guys move so fast it was not easy to get photos! Much faster than high school level. We were on the red line in the middle, first row. Lots of action on the boards. I would go back and even brave snow later this winter. When the Lakers score a goal, the horn that rings is a ships horn that can be heard all around town, I am sure!

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