Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Happiness Project

I have been taking a little break from quilting. I have been watching more TV. Sometimes that is fun and a nice break. I am hooked on the Storage auction shows. It is the thrill of finding a treasure in all the junk. I am still hanging in there on Biggest Loser. I really like watching TV and there are several shows that I enjoy not mentioned. I try to limit the amount I watch because it is easy to get sucked in and lose several hours of productivity during the day.

It's Spring Break here. Many people in our community go to Florida. It is sunny and warm here, so I am enjoying the great weather. I am working but have a long weekend ahead. I am looking forward to getting house and yard work done. Getting the flower beds in order makes me happy. Lots of digging, raking and  spreading mulch. :)

It is Easter this week. I am not feeling it. I am usually in the middle of a spiritual study and preparing for resurrection Sunday. I am doing a study but it feels a bit flat.  I guess that is what faith is about continuing to live your belief even when there isn't a big emotional connection involved with it.

Here's to finding the spiritual message in spring from now until Sunday!

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