Monday, May 28, 2012

I started this on my birthday, Friday. I had four hours of solid sewing time. I did so much. I started this Lil twister, after some other finishing projects. I wanted to use some brights to really see how this pattern and tool (on the patter in pic) works. The pinwheel units are 1 3/4". More to be updated on Tiny Tuesday, where I hope to have the units cut and re sewn, after the 3 1/2" blocks are sewn as pictured. My husband thinks this is a bit mad, you know. First you cut the fabric up. Then you sew it together as shown. Then you cut it up only to resew it in pinwheels. I am not sure but maybe he is on to something here......:)

I quilted my improvisational quilt with a pattern I call double bubble. I think this will be on my DNA/Oxygen quilt that is in the to be quilted stack. I was inspired by Day style designs free motion quilting project, here.  Good stuff to keep the long arm moving....

Group shot of the athletes at the first Highland Games of the season. I will be at about 8 or over the next several months. I will post more on this later this week when I get the photos sorted out.

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Judy D in WA said...

Happy late birthday...mine was the 22nd. :) Love your projects. I wish I could get excited about that twister. I love the results, guess I'm too lazy. :))

Can't wait to see it finished.