Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Happiness Project

This has been the week changing it up for the summer. No more routine, no more winter blahs. No more spring frenzy to get things in order.
I have had a chance to get perspective by all the changes in the routine for the week. It was the kick off to the Highland games season for my husband. I got to travel. We saw bear (nearly hit it) , fox and deer on the way to the games. In addition, we saw eagles and cranes. It was really quite cool that we can see all of this wildlife in my neck of the woods.

I started a really fun project. It is the twister quilt pictured. It is bright, loud and like nothing I have ever worked on. It was also really small- 1 3/4 block. The quilt is 20x24. I had a blast making it.

I have had a chance to work in my garden and realize it looks OK. Not great but not as horrible as I had thought. The storms have really greened it up and the perennials are looking pretty as you can see by the photos.
All of that to say, I have so much to be thankful for. It is easy to get caught up in the every day stuff and take it all for granted. That's what the happiness project is all about-gaining perspective.


Brenda said...

Love the quilt! I have one of those templates but have not used it yet. And your flowers are pretty! I have the same ones blooming here! Love your daily posts Vicky.

Tammy Drouillard-Jozwiak said...

Good for you, Vicki! I love the quilt and the colors, it makes you happy just looking at it! I wish I could sew like you!

Patrica said...

The twister quilt came out so cute. I haven't used my tiny ruler yet just waiting to finish the larger projects on my plate and I'll dive in. Hope it turns out as nice as yours.