Friday, June 1, 2012

Simple Living

I have been thinking about keeping it simple. Pictures are from last weekends festival.
 I have a mental list of things that I have been working on to keep it simple:
-hostas aren't a bad choice for my garden space
-I love simple blocks of the month that I can just put together as a break from a complicated quilt design

        -working less is OK and hanging out doing nothing from time to time is a good balance to life
-the best accessory to any look is a great smile, rest and a positive attitude

                                  -not everything is rocket science in my life and getting back to basics is ok
 -it is OK that I don't like to cook, camp, clothing shop
- it is OK to blend ideas together to make something workable for me
My favorite pic of my husband from last weekend. Savoring the moments is essential to a simple life.

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