Tuesday, June 19, 2012

More random thoughts

Who sits in a sauna on a 80 degree day? Jay does!

I really dislike driving to other cities to work.

I really don't like driving. Riding is OK, driving not so much.

The gym is boring. I need more stuff for my iPod. But finding stuff takes up time....and patience .....

Audio books are fun but it makes some activities dangerous!

I don't like being told how i am supposed to do things. Especially by people who don't do or know the topic in which they are enlightening others about.

Patience is over rated.

I want to go to shipshewna even though people say i will be disappointed. 

I want to go to a big judged quilt show. Never have been to one. Or to paducah or to a market.

I am not sure i can tolerate a long flight. 

I know a cruise is out of the question. I get motion sickness watching. Tv!

I think too much about stupid things!


Brenda said...

yup random thoughts can really get your brain going in all directions can't they!!

Have a great first day of Summer tomorrow!!! think about that for a bit - and enjoy yourself!!

Lori said...

(chuckling) do you have insomnia too?? Love those random thoughts!