Sunday, May 20, 2012

What could you do in an hour?

What could be accomplished in an hour a week? Fifteen minutes a day?

I find tasks that I mentally categorize as a chore feel like they take twice as long as tasks Ienjoy doing. Nothing new there, I discovered this as a child. But, there are times my child inside gets frustrated and overwhelmed with all the "have to do" things on the list made by the adult me. See above picture for a visual.

I get the chores done on a consistent basis by carving specific blocks of time. Dedicated time with minimal distractions. I try to not have the phone with me. I try to pick times that are quiet in my world. Like weekend mornings. Or before work, or when people aren't home.

This list is to remind myself that it can be done. One step at a time. One small increment of time to invest and a positive attitude. Yep, then they are done, those rotten chores. Then I can focus on pleasant tasks.

What have I accomplished in a hour this week?

cleaning house in several one hour increments
weeding the flower beds
exercise in several one hour increments
pinned a quilt on the frame with my Mom helping me
quilt on said quilt
sewed a quilt top together in several one hour increments
grocery shop

Oh, I almost forgot, I rest in one hour increments too.

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