Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Adventures of living in a 100 year old house....

As many know, I live in an old farm house. It was built before indoor plumbing. Do you remember Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark saying, "Snakes, why does it always have to be snakes?" Well, in this chapter of my little adventure, I say "plumbing, why does it always have to be the plumbing?!?" Could it be that it was retro-fitted? Could it be that an architect didn't design it? And why does it always act up at the worst time?

I am re-rinsing the dishwasher load for the fourth time due to kitchen sink problems. Last night the washing machine discharge water sprayed all over the basement because the lint trap was full. That only took me about 2 hours to figure out. So far the bathroom is doing ok, shhhh, I shouldn't have said that!!!

We planted our square foot garden yesterday at the so called Garden Club at church. It was sprinkling rain and cool, then it turned to a torrential downpour. I sat in the car and wrote out identification sticks. I was and still am too sick with a cold to be out in that type of weather.

The plants were collapsed from the heat Monday, nearly drowned yesterday and hopefully not shocked by the cold weather today. I am sick with a cold and ready to create. I am going to finish the hockey game on TV and crochet. Quilting is on the agenda tomorrow, that will make all right with the world again. I am sure.


Conni said...

Boy, can I relate to living in an old house. Ours was built in 1870 and was without indoor plumbing or electricity. We have added both, but not without a few bumps and hiccups along the way!! Hope you are drying out!!

Micki said...

Your farmhouse sounds lovely! It must be so much fun living in it!

Marcia said...

I completely understand your situation. Our house is 100 years old. It has little quirks and has an interesting way of throwing you curve balls just when you think you have things figured out. Hang in there!