Friday, May 8, 2009

My little Victory Quilt

This little quilt is roughly 45x38. I love the 6 inch blocks. I am prepping myself for paper piecing and my next challenge. The Civil War Diary Quilt. This is going to be a table topper or wall hanging when quilted. My other little quilts go on chairs and the sofa.

The blocks were from Eleanor Burn's Victory Quilts book. Love her patterns, I can do them!! I usually get lost in patterns and make my own up but not with these. I hope that this little quilt will remind me of my little victory over fears in life.

Here is another little gnome I made this week. I want to make a summer centerpiece with the little guys in them. I am machine quilting the edges of my 4 patch posie. Hope to be finished this weekend. I am going to jump in and machine quilt my road to the White House. I have a box of blocks to be a top-the Calendar quilt 2, orphaned blocks and panels I purchased for place mats. I better get a move on!!


Brenda said...

Have you done paper piecing? I have a love/hate relationship with it!! lol!! I constantly put the material on wrong, when I am thinking I have done it right!!! aaarrrggh!!! so, I would rather not PP, but sometimes the blks you can make with it are just so wounderful, you have to bite the bullet (or your lip with fingers crossed while you are praying you did it right!!) lol!!
Your quilt looks great and now I want to see what comes next!! What else do you have to do this weekend?? ;-)

Micki said...

I love paper piecing, and I have also thought of making the Civil War quilt. Good luck with it!