Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rulers, well, Rule!

I have found why so many quilters have a large collection of rulers. I have made 2 errors in cutting, total so far, on the Victory quilt sampler and those blocks were trash. I had another one last night on a diamond shaped pinwheel/star. Oh well, I did my favorite block in the group and that is Bride's Bouquet. I gotta invest in more rulers, I have been just too cheap about it. I have not been able to clearly improvise on these blocks.

I also want to encourage the Circle of Friends to not put off on the block exchange blocks. Here is a sneak peak at one I finished yesterday. I hope everyone is having as much fun as I am with this block. The "punch" color has been my challenge. I love the saturated color for this block. DRAMA!
I am still on a confinement for another couple of days. I am having a Radioactive Iodine Treatment (to blast any residual thyroid and cancer cells) so I can't be closer than 7 feet to people. I am able to accomplish some. No housework though. My face and neck are a little swollen and scary looking. I am so thankful that this is easily treated. All scans are good at this point.
I am tired, no thyroid. The Doctor said a another patient had people calling her Ozzie, as in Osbourne; because of the blithering, forgetfulness and overall stupor due to this no thyroid thing. I can relate. Where's SHARON when I need her!!!!!! I think that I will start to be back to my old self by Sunday. I get to go on my thyroid again then and I get to eat a regular diet. Yeah , just in time for the traditional Mother's Day brunch at the golf course!! Can't wait, it is very good.

Here is a photo of Dexter the fabric eating, yarn stealing and yes, gnome chewing beast of a dog. I love him but he makes my crafting a challenge at times. He looks so angelic when he is sleeping too, just like a toddler.....


Brenda said...

Well, you can blame the cutting issue on the thyroid!!! It's not you! And yes, those rulers are shocking expensive!! It's just a piece of plastic!! ;-) !!

When I started my 'collection' (I don't have that many) I just thought about what I needed... then bought some for fun!! (which I have not even used yet!! lol)

I am glad you are doing well. I hope you are doing great by Mothers Day - and can have alot of fun at the golf course brunch!! Just make sure you don't wear yourself out.

Micki said...

Hope you are feeling better soon, and you are so productive!