Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday Stash Report

I didn't purchase new fabric last week.
I used about 2 yards for my Victory Quilt.
I have about one tote full.

Here is my Centerpiece with my little gnomes and flower fairies. I need to make more gnomes and fairies for the other side. I didn't buy anything for this center piece except the wood turnings for the gnomes and fairies. A classic recycle project using what I have in a different way.

I finished machine quilting the posies and need to bind it pic to follow the camera is not holding a charge.

A great Mother's Day. Two fab meals, and I got exactly what I wanted as a surprise. Cushions for my patio furniture. Yep, I inherited patio furniture and I wanted to replace the cushions. Love the Better Homes and Garden's line at Walmart. I can sit on the patio in comfort and not on the camping chairs.


Brenda said...

Those gnomes are CUTE!!

ForestJane said...

Really like the gnomes - I'd be tempted to add a bell to the pointy hats and a teeny silk flower to the flat hat.

Vicki said...

Ohh, Forest Jane, that is a good idea. I was thinking about tatting wings for the fairies but then I decided that was something to think about later. I think I will look for a tiny bell!