Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

But not for me, I slept in. I heard the crowds at Wal mart and ABC warehouse were lined up at 5 am. My parents were out before Mom had to go to work.

I cleaned up the kitchen this morning that was nearly clean from yesterday. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family. I didn't do anything but eat, watch football and clean up a little. My husband did the turkey and stuffing. I made the green bean casserole. Mom made the pies. It was delicious.

I think I will run over to Joann's today and see if there are any good sales. Dad has the day off so we will do something and not just sit around!! I have started to get ideas for Christmas but I am not shopping much for them today. Probably more online shopping for me.

The DS and Dh are deer hunting with Uncle out at the cabin today and tomorrow. That means sewing time for me..... be prepared for some great finishes.

It snowed last night and now it feels more like the holidays. I bought the DVD that shows a fireplace and I like to watch it. It is relaxing. No smell or concerns about safety!! I know it's weird but I like it and think it will be nice for my computer at work too. I am going to put in the DVD player now and get some coffee.


Jackie said...

At Christmas we put our TV on the channel that has the yule log and turn off the music. We have a fireplace but it's generally too warm then to use it. I'd love to have a white Christmas one year!

Micki said...

Enjoy the sales!