Monday, November 9, 2009


Another beautiful day. Monday was nice for me, but DS has H1N1 and feeling a little puny. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better with meds.

I did get two potholders finished, they just needed binding on the edges. I have made another pincushion, just like the one pictured earlier.

Off to make the apple pie that I intended to make yesterday. The kitchen sink wasn't draining so I put if off until today. I can't cook/bake without the ability to wash dishes!! DH made a trip to Home Depot and fixed the problem while I was at the doctor with DS. Ahhh, clean dishes and running water. How did people live without them eons ago??


Brenda said...

Sorry to hear about your son having this flu. That is what my granddaughters had also. Watch over him for 6 or 7 days because that is about when our girlies turned into ear infections and pneumonia. You are right about Ladybug being a big dog in a little dogs body. She is too big for her pants most of the time. But if you have had Jack Russell's you could handle a Scottie. My daughter had a Jack Russell and he definitely was a more wild than Ladybug. Your projects are lovely. I made most of our Christmas presents last year. Have not started even one this year. You put me to shame.

Conni said...

I can smell that apple pie cooking!! Yum!

Lori in South Dakota said...

How did people live without running water-MISERABLY--I remember! Jack Russels-a dog that is a superball! boing boing boing!! How's the basting coming, the pie smells great!
(how funny--the verification word is "ovent")