Sunday, November 22, 2009


I can't seem to machine quilt anything without some puckers on the back. Today's project was worse than the last one I machine quilted. Today I quilted a table runner and it was worse than the larger project. It wouldn't be such an issue but I wanted this to be a gift. I will try again to see if I can get better results.

I pin baste, I have hand basted , I have done it on the floor as well as on a table. I haven't tried clamping or taping the back. That will be next. .... Any Tips? Anyone? Anyone?

I did add borders to the X quilt and I found 2 fat quarters at Joann's that I haven't been able to find since the one fat quarter I purchases a few months ago. I love how it looks.

I am not a multi border person. I don't like heavily pieced boarders and I am not a scalloped border type. Some borders that are too showy detract from the quilt, I think. So I stick with simple borders.

Everyone is in bed. I have a night time ritual in the bath (brushing teeth, face creams and wash etc) when I noticed I didn't wash towels today. I washed everything else BUT!! I had a busy day 4 stores to grocery shop for all the Thanksgiving feast, cleaning up the kitchen, assisting with meals, going to church, talking on the phone, playing on the computer not counting the 4 loads of laundry completed. Sigh, at least there is a quick wash setting.

I am thankful for modern appliances that can do quick wash!!


LadyLiz said...

The quilt is really cool. :)

Mary-Kay said...

Have you ever tried spray basting? I use it all the time. The smell isn't that bad if you have a window open in your area and don't spray near your sewing machine or rulers. It's a bugger to get off. It supposedly doesn't gum up your sewing machine needles but I find some brands do. The best brand in my books is the 505 spray.

Anonymous said...

Hi - try watching this video on a different basting method.

I will admit that I haven't tried it yet, but I haven't been to the quilting stage since I found the video. But I am going to try it.

She starches the front and back of the quilt to keep the fabric from stretching and the uses a couple of boards to wrap the fabric around - this keeps tension on the fabric until you are finished basting a small area and then you unwrap some more. It is also done while sitting, so your back & knees don't hurt.

Hope it helps...liz

Micki said...

I spray baste too and find it much better than the pins. I think it ould work out for you!

Vicki said...

spray basting?? I will have to check into that....I am sure that my little quilt shop next door has that in stock.

Jackie said...

I spray baste as well and have had very little issues. I also lower the pressure on the foot. I hope you figure it out soon because I know it must be driving you crazy with frustration.