Saturday, November 21, 2009

I quilted a top today!!

...and now I need to bind it. I think I have about 3 projects to bind. I am getting better at the back being flat and without wrinkles. I love this collection from Moda. This measures about 44 inches square.

I bought some wool felt today. I love working with it but it makes me sneeze! I want to make some wool appliques.

I made apple crisp today at the request of my DH. He texted me from the deer blind asking to please make some. How funny, he must have been hungry. No deer yet.

Grocery shopping tomorrow, I will start buying things for Thanksgiving. I am really excited about the days off. I have the house to myself starting Friday due to hunting for the guys So that means more sewing. I need to get the quilts basted this week.

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Mary-Kay said...

Mmmmm.... apple crisp. Yummy! Makes me feel like making some. It must be low in calories because there's no chocolate in it so I could eat it. Mmmmmm.........