Monday, March 1, 2010

Design Wall Monday

1. I continue to work on the Civil War Diary Quilt. 35 of 121 made. Pictured is the latest. I love stars, when I need all to be right with the world I should just make stars. Lots of them!

2. I am making a moda Bakeshop quilt. We are exchanging blocks on 3/20 at 3 BTW. I have 25 made for a larger quilt. We are exchanging 12. Pattern on the sidebar.

3. I am also playing with EQ6 and I designed this block. I named it Macaroni Salad. I thought it was funny and funny cute. I took a picture of the print out because I couldn't figure out how to export a picture to the blog. EQ6 users, tips???


Diane said...

I love star blocks too! Can't help witht the EQ6 question, I just installed mine but don't know how to use it yet!
That will have to be a future "design wall". :)

Quilter Kathy said...

I am planning to make a big quilt using that block in your 3rd photo...I call it sister's choice.

JudyL said...

Love your blocks. I can tell you how I do the export but I probably don't do it right . . it just works for me. If you don't get a "real" answer, email me and I'll go through the process. I sometimes do things the hard way.

Ivani said...

Great blocks! I am learning to use EQ5, so can't help you with EQ6.