Saturday, November 15, 2008

Are you sewing this weekend? I am!

I am joining the at home sewing retreat or Quilt a thon this weekend with many others at Patchwork Times. This am I had chores around the house to do, go to the gym, and go to the local quilt shop for a piece of background fabric. My sewing had to wait a bit.

So far, I have sewn three Heartstrings blocks. I sewed the binding on my Postage stamp basket table runner and I am cutting out the pieces for the Santa applique I am starting next. The link below will take you to the pattern with a pic!

I will continue to do alot of sewing all winter but this weekend was a good pick. Opening day of Deer hunting for my husband. So far, he hasn't seen anything which means more sewing for me!!

I do have to get groceries this evening and church tomorrow morning. So I have some interruptions. I seem to do my best sewing the the afternoon and evenings anyway. It has started to snow this evening and that makes for better quilting!!


Amanda said...

Have fun sewing! I'm doing the quiltathon, too. It's more cutting than quilting, but that's how it goes!


Jean said...

That Santa is gorgeous. What type of applique are you doing? I made one of his patterns a few years ago. I did the Holding Your Heart Angel in the Angels More and More series. I love it. I am off to quilt a quilt!

LadyLiz said...

I wish I could be sewing or knitting. I think I would rather be knitting.

But I have studying to do. :(