Saturday, November 8, 2008

Update on THE squirrel

If you look closely you can see the little black squirrel in my neighbors ancient lilac trees. All of the leaves have fallen and the squirrels are going crazy for the walnuts and acorns in the neighborhood. I see about 12 little squirrels of all colors -- black, red and gray. Yes there are times when you see calico ones too.
The little squirrel, aka the tree rat, that found it's way in the house yesterday was a 4 inch gray squirrel. We left the doors open and the dog kenneled and haven't seen or heard of him since. We even left out a paper plate with peanut butter and it was untouched. BTW, tree rats love captain crunch cereal. He was lured out from under the fridge with that. Good bye little fella, you are cute outside but aggrivating in my domain.
While I was doing the Sat weekly cleaning. I found evidence of where the squirrel came in. He came in through the crawl space under the bathroom followed the pipes to the vanity holding the sink. He chewed a hole in the rear corner and let himself in. Now to find where he came in under the foundation ..... Rats!!
I have sewed 2 RTWH blocks for the exchange and I am pondering how to start my applique Santa. I have not attempted something so large, intricate and with a pattern. I usually look at a pattern and then draft my own because so many patterns have errors in it.
It is a nice quiet weekend home and I am taking advantage of it. I am making meatloaf and apple crisp. Nice fall comfort foods.

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LadyLiz said...

At least the squirrel is gone!

Meatloaf? Apparently meatloaf is this comfort food I was completely unaware of it's popularity. I have had about ten billion recipes for it sent to me since Brad and I got married. Apparently once you get married, all you make is meatloaf! Haha. Well, I hope both the meat loaf and the apple crisp turn out well!