Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I finished all of the Road to the White House Exchange blocks. There are three layout options as pictured above. I am exchanging about 20 of the blocks so there will be more variety in the fabrics. I like the option that makes the traditional X pattern in the light fabrics. I sewed three of the blocks today with minimal problems with the machine. I have it working the best it has ever worked now.

I am proud of the Middle School's Veterans Day program. I think about a thousand people were there. It was moving, educational, professional and very well done. Thanks to all Veteran's. DS did a great job with taps even though he was nervous.

I am knitting another tote during television viewing in the evening. I loved the Christmas music today. The snow is still here and I think that I am getting ideas for projects for Christmas. First is the ornament exchange. First attempt isn't working so I am going to the second plan.

I am going to have some of my apple pie, I hope it tastes as good as it looks.



LadyLiz said...

You made an apple pie!? Send me some!!

Dorothy said...

Vikki, email me if you need any help with the Santa Applique.

swooze said...

I love the x layout as well. The zig zag one has possibilities but looks a tad too random with the colors as they are layed out now.