Sunday, November 23, 2008

I am WILD about 4 patch posies!!!

I have been sewing the posies this weekend. I love the "mindless" sewing once the yardage is divided. There are times when I really dislike piecing. It is not what I am best at. Of course, the more I do the better I get with practice. However, after a long and trying week at work I don't always need the stress of piecing. So with the relaxing and quick rewards of the posies, I am hooked and think many more projects of this type will be in my future.

I couldn't baste the top I have together because I need to buy some muslin to back it. I don't have alot of large pieces of fabric.

I worked on my "ornie" for an ornament exchange. I worked on the first photo over this weekend. Then I had to lay them all out on my dining room table aka the "design board" and see what they looked like. Now to decide how to put them together, maybe solid black blocks between.

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