Wednesday, September 30, 2009

More about the pineapple blocks

In the photo is 1 hour of work spent in class and 1 hour at home on the paper foundation block. It is by Little foot and you can see the info on the close up photo. I liked this method but it made me more nervous and I made a few more mistakes. Remember that I purchased the foundation fabrics?? This is a similar method but a different product. I found that picking out the paper at the end is more difficult than I thought. In the class all the supplies were furnished including the fabrics, I love the choices they had, I just assembled them.

This next photo is of a unfinished pineapple block using a ruler that is a companion to the book "Positively Pineapple." Here is a link to the directions on using the ruler. This represents 2 hours of work in class. I like the traditional method of measure, sew, iron, cut, repeat. Mom bought the ruler so we always have it and can make as many pineapples as we want. The paper was the same price but you could only make 20. The foundation fabric was the cheapest at $8 for 20 blocks. I think the ruler will win... the directions on how to use the ruler are online (hint, take a class or you will be lost. I think the ruler maker wanted you to buy a book to learn to use it!!) I will finish this block Saturday.

Here is the paper pineapple finished!

The rest of the week, I am going to be cutting strips for more blocks. I also decided to make mini nine patches using some fat quarters I had purchased in the spring. I may just make snowballs and nines out of it. I needed something soothing this week. The weather has been cold, the dog relapsed in his illness and now improving a bit and my health is ok but feeling stalled. Cold, slow thyroid, tired, etc. I needed a little boost of inspiriation. Class did it, and some mindless sewing... I need to check the class list for October.


Micki said...

I love Pineapple blocks....Just lovely!

Granny Lyn said...

Your pineapple blocks are great! thanks for trying out all the methods for us and giving a wonderful report, I have only used the "strip" method for the blocks, and did not know there was a ruler! your info was much needed!

Conni said...

Love them all! Thanks for sharing the pics and the link for the ruler.