Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Stash report and the Saturday class

I have used about 2-3 yards of fabric this week. I made fall disappearing nine patch pictured earlier this week. The tote is shrinking down, I want to be less than half. I am at 3/4.

I took a class at the local quilt shop. We made a tote using a product called "Texture Magic" and was it FUN!! You sew your fabric to the product then steam it and it shrink 30% making a great puckering effect.

I had a charmed day at class-no machine problems, I had cut my fabrics and things were going smoothly. Then, I realized I looked at the supply sheet and not the pattern so I didn't have all the fabrics and batting needed. I live 4 houses from my quilt shop so I had to run home and pick up batting and fabrics. I was the only one the the class who got my purse done. I really can see the possiblilities of the product, but it is expensive. A good experience for my first class since the 80's. Pineapple class is tomorrow--we will learn 2 techniques. I am excited!!

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Conni said...

Congrats on venturing out to take some classes!! It's fun to try new things and get fresh ideas!