Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Working on fall projects!!

The photos above show that fall is here, regardless of what the calendar says. Some views from my back yard. I have been working on my fall exchanges.

Gracie's spools. So easy, yet I am having a very difficult time getting the points to line up perfectly. I have decided that if they
aren't perfect, that's ok. I was ready back out of the exchange because they aren't good enough. I decided that maybe everyone else is having a hard time too. Oh well, I am doing my best. I am even using pins (which I rarely do) and starch and a square up ruler (borrowed) and whatever tricks I can think of....

I keep looking at Pumpkins gone wild, that looks like more fun!!


Marcia said...

I love the response from South Dakota regarding stash report... How big is the tote??? Mine is like the children's story about stone soup... everyone eats and eats and eats and eats... the amount of soup stays the same... that is my situation... the stash level never changes! HMMMMMMMMMMMM

Granny Lyn said...

Glad you stuck with the spools! and yes, nobody's corners are perfect!

those punkins are adorable!!

Vicki said...

Thanks you two. I was thinking too much about those exchange blocks I guess. I want to start cutting my Pumpkins gone wild today

Conni said...

YIKES!!! What kind of spider is that??? I don't like spiders!! LOL!!