Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fat Tuesday

Today is fat Tuesday. I am off schedule with blog posting. Yesterday was President's day and I enjoyed the day off. I worked on several projects. I loaded a customer quilt and started long arming it. I have been peeling paper off my aunts quilt. I have been working on my quilt book. That is moving very slowly. I am testing a pattern and so far it is going together well.

I am NOT going to eat a donut toady. I don't even like the traditional paczki- jelly filled donuts. I am staying on my diet. I have been faithfully exercising and I feel very good about that. I like to think about what I am giving up for life. I am giving up excessive snacking in the evening. I am budgeting a small snack but not what I  have been doing. I have lost a couple of pounds since Jan 1 and I need to kick start that up.


Charlene S said...

We are thinking of the same thing. Instead of giving up Lenten pleasures, we are going to eat healthy, snack less, and exercise more.

Diane said...

Good for us both-sticking with our diets. I'm really focusing on this is not a 'diet' but my new way of eating and living. It's working so far.