Friday, February 10, 2012

simple living

Keeping things simple takes:

 saying no to over scheduling
 saying no to materialism
 working hard
 playing a bit daily for balance
 exercising routinely for health
creatively expressing myself daily
 being dilligent with the resources that are available
 living withing the our means
 no comparing to how others are living

I ask myself constantly this question when tackling things daily "Does this fit in my life and life's goals?" If it doesn't then I don't allow it to take my most valuable resource- time. When I have to force schedules to mesh and go through multiple mental yoga moves to get something done, it means it is too complicated and doesn't really fit into the time/resources I have at that moment and I pass on it if possible.

Above all simple living is taking time to share a smile with family and friends, to see the beauty of nature around you and having moments to tell yourself how wonderful things are.


Mary-Kay said...

Saying no to materialism. Does that mean no fabric buying? I know what it really means but as a quilter, you never know. Living simple is easy, you never go shopping unless it's an absolute necessity and you never wonder how the Jones do it. Probably the Jones are in debt up to their ears and think that's how everyone else does it too. As long as you are happy, that's the most important thing.

Jackie said...

Lots of bits of wisdom in this post!