Thursday, February 2, 2012

Simple Living

Simple cleaning is the topic this week. I use several old fashioned cleaners and I would like to hear ideas on other cleaners.

  • white vinegar and water to mop the floors
  • washing soda to clean sinks and counter tops followed by using a Mr Clean eraser
  • microfiber cloth to dust
  • Mr Clean eraser to wash walls
  • I do buy Green Clean spray to wash the tub. I am looking for a less smelly/caustic alternative to clean here and tackle grout
  • bleach wipes for quick clean up and disinfection of surfaces
  • Murphy's oil soap to wash wood work
  • Lemon oil a few times a year to clean and protect wood work and tables
  • Laundry soap made from Fels Naptha, borax and washing soda

Do you have any simple, cheap and less caustic ideas for cleaning up? I would love to hear them. I have received several ideas on cleaning from BBC's "How Clean is your House." They have books as well as You tube videos. I love this show and it helped me to see the bacterias that grow in a home and want to eradicate them. It is great to see all those petri dishes full of microorganisms growing on them. :)

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