Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happiness Project

February is the month of romance, Valentines, my anniversary, Super bowl, Kilted dinner and Fun!

I am looking forward to it. I have plans to be more social and the weather should allow it. I am ready to shake off the January blahs. The winter has had lots of breaks with nice weather. I just need to get cracking on projects and organizing. I still haven't sorted through my clothes. I have things on the porch that needs to be packed up and stored. I think I have several items that should go in to a garage sale... the house needs to be pared down. I had someone in the house yesterday that had never been here and I saw the little piles of stuff through fresh eyes! Gotta move that stuff :)

Happiness in February is a month to continue to make the house streamlined and spending more time with loved ones. I have a date this Saturday!

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Brenda said...

Well, with the days getting longer and winter close to turning into spring, there is alot to be thankful for!!
And how do those little piles pile up??? That is what I would like to know! And they seem to multiply - if you don't see the first one, suddenly there are three!!! And then you are in trouble!! ahhhhhh.....

And go for a walk daily - get out of the routine you are in now. Put on the shoes, grab a jacket/sweater and walk out the door..... walk down the driveway, then farther if you want - the point, just to break the habit of not going out (I should listen to myself here!!) and go out in to the fresh air and feel the breeze, hear the birds and just walk...... Clears the head, feels good and gets you moving.

Go be happy!!!