Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Random Posting

Old quilt that I am re-creating

I am a bit off blogging schedule this week, as I have nothing new on the design wall. I have no new Farmer's Wife blocks done. I have been focused on finishing my aunt's tree quilt, see old quilt above. I have three more blocks to do. I am not looking forward to joining the blocks because they are diamonds. I think I need tons of starch to prevent any stretching! If it goes well I am making another quilt similar to this for a wedding gift. I like the quilt but on point diamonds make me feel a bit uneasy....

I continue to diet and exercise with very small success then I randomly gain a couple of pounds. So I don't feel like I get any where. I need to really ratchet back on my diet. I have added yoga in two days a week for something different in addition to my 3 trips to the gym a week for weight lifting and cardio. I have to remember the high cholesterol to keep me motivated and some new pants in a smaller size. :)

I have spent tons of time working on patterns and quilt designs. It is really hard to do. Much harder than I expected. I guess I quilt with a basic pattern in mind then I do more improvising than I gave myself credit for. I have to start thinking about every step that needs to be in a pattern and directions.

I think that I need to focus more time on this project if I am going to get the book proposal done this year. Two samples from patterns in the book proposal have to be made also. I hope to have it all ready by November. Oh, and did I say I long armed a baby quilt over the weekend? Pictures to follow.

Lots of details. I am up for it. Now where's my coffee?

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Amy said...

I like the dimensional look of your re-creation!