Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tiny Tuesday


End of day

Evening Star

Farmer's Puzzle

I have 38 blocks completed for the Farmers Wife quilt and they are 6 inch blocks. I am still thinking about how to do basket handles because in the next group of blocks is another basket. I am going to try to fuse a handle and blanket stitch it with my machine. I am starting to get quite a collection of little blocks, they look great!

Gold medal!

listening to words of wisdom.

Many hours are spent at tournaments this time of year. It has been a very good year. It is always the "thrill of victory and the agony of defeat" as the Wide World of Sports used to say. My husband wrestled the coach in High School, isn't that funny!


jillquilts said...

Great blocks! And congrats on the gold medal!

Barb said...

Love your blocks!!! and congrats...

scraphappy said...

Great blocks. They are going to look so pretty when you put them all together. Keep it up!

Brenda said...

Looking good the Farmers Puzzle is my favorite this week!

Amy said...

Pretty blocks! Congrats to your son on his gold medal. All of that hard work is paying off.