Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday's Update

I have been a bit under the weather for a couple of weeks and I finally went to the doctor. Another respiratory infection and another antibiotic. I am feeling better already so I need to get moving to accomplish something on my three day weekend. OK, if I can get off the couch and sew a bit, knit a bit and clean a bit I will be very happy.

This bag of scraps is going out today for Cherie. I had so much fun going through my fabrics. It was nostalgic yet I am happy to let these little pieces of fabrics find a new home. I sure hope that there are some fabrics that she loves as much as I do and did when I bought them.

Happy Saturday everyone!

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Amy said...

Sorry you've been under the weather. The "stuff" is going around. Hope the rest of your 3 day weekend is good.