Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

Backyard Christmas Day 2011

I have been thinking about this post for several days spurred on by the retrospectives on Tv and the internet. I thought about blogging daily. Unreasonable and what would be the purpose?

I thought about increasing my sewing time, practicing music, exercising and cleaning time. I don't think that is really a resolution just a time management issue.

I thought about what is occupying my mind more than anything else and I have decided that there are really only three things I am working on for the year. However, they are really big things that will take tons of commitment to do.

1. weight loss of 50 pounds-I gained a few at the end of last year and need to get back on track
2. Finishing the quilts I have top made for-stop starting so many new ones!!
3. finishing the patterns I am working on and submit the book proposal that I have dreamt up.

Christmas Day complete with table cloth!
The last one is in the beginning stages and will probably take me more than one year but I am hoping to have it finished by the end of summer. I have been procrastinating a bit on all three resolutions for at least 6 months now and I need to focus on them daily to complete them. I joined the Special K plan to help me in the weight loss goals. I have several tops completed and 3 in progress that all need to be finished by the end of the year. I am buying batting and backing fabrics one at a time when on sale. I have enough to finished 3 tops currently.

Resolutions in writing. It makes it "official."

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Brenda said...

These are great intentions for the new year!! (I found that word on a blog and thought, hmmmmmm, does that work for what you want to do in the new year??? I like "goals" myself. a place that I am headed.... and plan to get there!!!)

I agree with the weight thing. I have managed to make it so my jeans won't do up!! How'd that happen!!??!!
But, since I can't wear sweats and stretchy pants all the time (could that have been why the size increased?? Not realizing it because my clothes just moved out with me???!)
And I have to start finishing the things I have started too!! I am bad for jumping from one idea to the next, and leaving what I have done behind me waiting for me to come back...... well, it's time to come back!! So I am also making finishing my UFO's a priority this year. Minamum one a month - along with my other projects.

And I love the idea of you submitting the book proposal!!!

This will be a very good new year - you have created some great paths to follow!!! All the best for 2012!!!