Thursday, January 26, 2012

Simple Living

This weekend is the time to sort through several things. It is the annual winter reivew of things that may be unnecessary to keep any more. I need to go through my clothes and my front porch storage area. If I haven't needed it in 6 months it is going!

I think that keeping only items I use and need is part of living simply. I won't buy duplicates of items because I can't find them, due to clutter and I can pitch or donate things that are still in good shape.

Excessive items make things feel complicated around here. I am also paring down on display/decor items. Less clutter and more focus. It makes cleaning faster and finding things much easier.

I am all about things being simple.


Mary-Kay said...

One year when I painted, I had put away all the little knick-knacks and just never put them out again. Now I never have to dust them either. Everyone who comes in my house says how clean it is. It's not really clean but uncluttered. Makes my life easier.

scraphappy said...

Best of luck with your project. I think we'd all be happier with a bit more simplicity in our lives. Like everything else, it is a process with no real end.