Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Happiness Project

Happiness project update today. I have been enjoying the simple things every day.  I have been knitting and quilting. I have enjoyed spending time just talking and watching TV with my family. I have made simple meals to share with them. We have had a great week doing those things that I like best. It is a time to have quiet time with the family in the middle of winter.

I am finishing my January goals of getting a more put together look this am. I hope to get my hair cut if the weather allows. I have had to reschedule this once due to my having the flu and I can't wait to try something new with a new stylist.

I haven't bought new clothes yet but I am going to when I get a chance. I have worked on better use of accessories and using makeup. I have been attending to detail more to get a  "look." I can do that with quilts but it is hard for me to do it for myself!

Hopefully updated hair pic to be posted soon!

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