Monday, January 23, 2012

Design Wall Monday

It has been a weekend of finishing things. I bound the "Happy Campers" with a blue. It was in my stash and it was perfect. A nice surprise because I really didn't want to buy more fabric right now.

The second quilt was a kit and I would never have picked a stripe for the binding. I think that it really looks very good. It is great to use kits sometimes to get a different perspective on color, fabric pattern and how to construct things differently than I am would. Learn something new all the time!!

Wrestling is winding down. NFL football is winding down. Travel is slowed due to the weather. Kids haven't been to school since last Tuesday and none today due to a thunderstorm and the rain is freezing. I am still going to work, but I feel that it is the season for tons of quilting.
The beard hat is finished. I think he likes it. I just need to make twenty more to get it perfectly finished.



Gari said...

The stripe binding looks great. I love stripes for binding and will buy a stripe fabric just to have for that. I also like it as a bias binding, esepcially for a very "blockie" quilt.

Bonnie said...

I ditto Gari -- stripes add so much to a quilt finish.

No school because of thunderstorms? or did I read that wrong. I can remember being out of school due to excessive heat and no ac but thunderstorms -- no.

Love the beard hat. What a hoot.

AnnieO said...

Finishes are good! I like stripes for binding and have to agree with you on a kit being a great way to play with fabric and color but not have to make all the decisions!

The beard is hilarious.

Cherie in St Louis said...

The beard hat is hilarious!! I love it. I also really like the striped binding. I like using striped binding for binding....that and plaid.