Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Happiness Project

Christmas Day 2011

Morrison Tartan
I am facing a serious case of the "after Christmas letdown." Not blues or sadness. Just the normal letdown that occurs after big events, holidays and family gatherings are over. Now I am feeling like I need to change everything up. I would gut the house and do a complete remodel if I thought it would help, but it wouldn't!

The happiness project is rolling on. This month I am refocusing on weight loss. I am employing strategies that I haven't used before. I am counting calories, putting a picture of me up in my sight of how I look now and how I looked 50 pounds heavier. I am trying to stop snacking after supper, the bane of my existence.

Part of my restless feeling is that I need to finish something. I am going to load a quilt on the frame in the next week. I need to get some hip 40 something clothes because I feel/look like a frump. I absolutely hate my hair. I haven't had it cut in 6 months or more. I need to find a stylist. I am going to accomplish all of these things this months. Sound easy, wrong. I am not good a shopping for fashionable clothes and the hair thing is something I have been dwelling on for months but haven't done anything about. Time to do something.

Back to work after my vacation. I am trying to bust out of the rut. What do you do to shake things up in the middle of winter?


Liz Boyce said...

Aw! You're going to feel so much better by just changing up your hair and getting a couple new outfits! I'll peruse JC Penney and Kohl's and send you some ideas. :)

All I know is that you CAN DO IT. You can. Just a matter of buckling down and actually doing it.

I'm buckling down again too. I came out of Christmas mostly unscathed... but sugar is like crack. One taste and now it's all I want!

Vicki said...

Thanks, I will need all the help I can get in finding clothes and hair cuts. Pinterest is very helpful!

Mary-Kay said...

Don't feel blue, be happy that you have goals. I heard this thing on some doctor's tv show that if you start your day with a lean protein, you won't crave salts or sugar during the day and it helps you loose weight. I did this for a month and lost 10 lbs. I didn't crave sugar or salt either. They also said if you start the day with a sugary breakfast, once you metabolise that sugar your body wants more. I tried this yesterday and all day long I wanted junk food. Maybe it's true or maybe it was because I knew what might happen. Either way, I have to believe that e lean protein, like a protein shake or yogurt smoothie is the way to start your day. Good luck and I'm right there with you.