Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday!!!

I really enjoy foot ball and the big game is today. I enjoy the silly commercials and the time to have some chili with family and friends. We will make a navy bean chicken chili. And it is a weekend that the diet has been abandoned for a bit....chips and dip, pop etc.

Yesterday was a winter dance for my son and his girlfriend. We drove him over to Alpena then we went for  a ride and discovered this scenic lookout and memorial to lumberjacks. My great grandfather was a lumberjack and told stories of his days logging. We searched for the sawmill in Cheboygan when I was a kid and eventually one became a museum. He told of driving horses across the frozen straights of Mackinaw and the ice cracking. He said he let the horses go and crawled all the way to shore. I really appreciate it now, years later. Note, it is unseasonably warm and sunny today! No snow... I could get used to this.

We ended the day with shopping and dinner before we went to pick up. I had a great time on my date.

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