Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tiny Tuesday

Hill and Valley 46

Farmer's Daughter 32

Home Maker 47

Grape Basket 45

The collection of blocks here are some really pretty ones from the book Farmer's Wife. They are all 6 inch blocks , more or less. I had some problems with Home maker. It has y seam's and I have such problems getting them to fit properly. I love the look of these blocks but the points are wonky and it isn't even close. Oh well, all the y seam block have the same issue, so I am doing the same thing over and over that makes them turn out off. They will be put in the do not use pile I am sure.

I have completed 47 of 110...close to halfway! The dreaded Garden path is next, a similar block gave me tons of trouble...let's see how this one does!


Denise :) said...

Wow -- all six inch blocks?! That is a challenge in an of itself -- or would be for me, anyway. They all look great but the Grape Basket block is quite darling! I like the layout of your blog and especially your posting schedule! :)

scraphappy said...

Great looking blocks. Those set in seams are so tricky. I think they will get easier with practice.