Sunday, August 12, 2012

A very quiet day!

My Husband won the Caber toss and he took second overall in his age group.

Yesterday was a wonderful day of Highland Games and a Celtic Festival. It had dance and the best bands. It was small so I could watch my husband compete and still see the stage with all of the music and dance.
I learned a ton about traditional and competition dance. I got to know some athletes and families more. I took pics. I will show more of those as the week goes on. Don't want o bore you with a million of them all at once!

I bought hand spun yarn and hand made soap.  I love truly hand made things. The soap was made with herbs grown in the man's own garden!

I ate too much and was up late travelling. 

Now back to reality- grocery shopping and cleaning. Then I will sew and knit. And watch more TV.

It is the end of the Olympic marathon. I will announce the give away winner tomorrow. 

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