Thursday, August 16, 2012

Simple Living

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I really like these words to live by. I think the part about "have a dog" doesn't mean all the time. :) I love dogs but not right now. I think if everyone consulted this list daily they would be content with all of the little, simple things daily.  I will start at the top today by singing in the shower and working my way down. Keeping it simple ,all day, will mean that I am treating others in the matter in which I would like to be treated. At work, I heard Dave Ramsey say on his radio show, " be different, show up 5 minutes early, do work all day and leave 5 minutes late. You will be a rare person at your job." Great words of wisdom by both my favorite radio talk show host and the above list.

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Here is my bowl of snippets. I think I am entering into a simpler phase of design, craft and decor.
Note the solid fabrics. I see in much of the crafting I am doing recently I enjoy the clean simple lines of modern quilts, simple stitches on knitting and less of the fussy overly done Victorian inspired design. I still find Art Nouveau as one of my favorite design eras but compliment that with a modern touch. I feel a whole new way of doing things around here!

Happy Simple Thursday!

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