Sunday, August 5, 2012

Super Mario!

I finally got Mario done and he and Luigi were a bit of fun to piece. I am now working on a Goomba. It is a funny mushroom creature in the video game. I think this is going to be a really adorable quilt. I am a convert to working with solid color fabric. Its fun. And making these Pixel quilt is fun sewing. You use a color chart, reminds me of knitting and cross stitch color charts. I may make more of these. They are realxing to make unlike the BOM which make me really wound up much of the time! The following picture is a great example of how endless this could be!!!

I also started quilting a customer quilt. It is a queen sized quilt. My Mom and I pinned it on it record time and I quilted 2 rows in two hours! Pics when finished.  I am on my 4th quilt that I am handstitching the binding during my TV time!

I have really enjoyed the Olympics. I love the Happy Moments sponsored by Coca Cola. They are sweet and full of joy by the athletes. London's Olympics are awesome and I am so glad I have a large cable packages so I can watch the games nearly 24 hours a day!

In honor of losing 5 pounds this week and exercising 5 of 7 days, I had a bratwurst and chips. OH BOY were they good. Salad for dinner. I am watching beach volley ball and it is a big motivator to "stay on target" with my weight loss goals!

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