Friday, August 10, 2012

Goomba Friday!


It's Goomba Friday, and I finished the Goomba in record time. I am one fourth of the way completed in this quilt along. See side bar if you want to join in. The next block is posted so watch for that to be surfacing soon! 

Yippee it's Friday! My coworkers will be happy and everyone can get along on Friday. I have a bit of prep to do for our road trip to Sparta's Celtic Festival tomorrow. That means we get to eat out and possible shop after the games. I think that counts as a date. I am not sure if the kilt hose are clean...better check the laundry! 

August is rapidly racing to the mid point and it has me feeling a bit nostalgic for June. Maybe it's the rain but it feels like autumnal weather. Sigh, summer is a fleeting season round here even though I don't like 90 degree days, I like to travel and have a more relaxed schedule.

I will draw for the giveaway on Sunday.

1 comment:

Liz Boyce said...

I think the Goomba is my favorite block so far. :)