Thursday, August 30, 2012

Simple Design

I made a trip to IKEA last weekend. I was very inspired by the store. I need to replace most of our furniture. My husband loved it. We are ready to move to more modern design. I love the clean lines, simple furniture.

The store was huge and we ate in the restaurant halfway through. It was a packed vacation destination for sure. People watching was a much fun as the showrooms! We are going back in October to that part of the state. While there we will stop to make our first small purchases of dishes and towels. I think we will be slowly building towards new things in every room.

Simple living is about planning, and collecting items one piece at a time as I can pay for them. I am looking for a very non complicated room design with storage. I live in a house that is old and modern living needs to be adapted for the space. It can be done beautifully, I see!

I am serious. I don't have any furniture that isn't worn out. Most of it was second hand from family. The furniture I bought new over a decade ago, and paid tons of money for it, is LONG gone.

This was affordable. I left feeling like I could win in this area! I wasn't going to have to settle for things anymore. This is the only IKEA in Michigan and it is 4 hours away so much of my shopping in the future will be online. Any advice for me from those who have purchased items before?

I am working on using the room planners. I haven't had this much fun in design in a long time!

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Diane said...

love the look of the room Vicki-a few nice modern quilts would look fabulous in it too!