Sunday, September 2, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

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A great question is posed by Gretchen Rubin of the Happiness Project: Is September the other January?
Ummm, yes. I think that I get more thoughts over Labor Day weekend about the ravages of time on my body, the marks of time passing with the final shopping and prep for school to start and all the talk of the new schedule and rides. Our Son picked up his varsity Jacket and senior pics will be soon. School starts Tuesday. Wow summer really did fly by!

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All that to say, I am feeling old. Migraine headaches have started up a couple of weeks ago. It is better but now I have neck problems. I think I need to stop lifting weights and let it heal. Cardio only for a week or two. It is  frustrating because I need to push the reset button on weight loss. Summers are my time to gain weight with eating out and travelling. But yea! I did lose 3 pounds when I weighed myself this am. See yesterday's treadmill pic. That's where I am in my fitness program, now to continue in weight loss.

There is much discussion about the schedule for the next couple of months. College visits, maybe a college football game vs our usual NFL game and a couple of highland games left. And a day trip to RenFest. We are giving fantasy football league a year off due to the amount of things happening this year.

Labor Day weekend. I spent yesterday doing some shopping and sewing. I finished a block from the BOM. It was hard. The last 8 are the most difficult. See my BOO BOO in the first picture. Well, it is staying as is. I should probably stop sewing at 10pm. However,  I think I like it better anyway!!

I am entering in to the next exciting chapter of pattern writing. I think I have a way to sell my self published patterns, and I am very excited. I may need lessons from my resident teenager on how to make some of the programs work but so far I am figuring it out myself. Hey, I figured out blogging, I can do this!!

All that to say, that times are changing. The leaves are changing. And yes, I agree, September is the other January.

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