Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My favorite block!

It is rotated 45 degrees but I like it!

Yeah, like the pattern 5" block

Here are the results of my quilting over the Labor Day weekend. I have made a few errors in block assembly. I am leaving them as is. The last few blocks are pretty hard. There are 7 more to go before I can assemble them and complete this Block of the Month. It was fun, challenging and stretched my comfort level. I think everything a new project should be! 

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I bought more yarn for my weather diary scarf. I am not sure I will have enough scraps. So I added a few more yarns to the mix. I also have had back/neck pain so this was the perfect project to work on . Ok, so I cheated a bit by knitting ahead by using my creative lisence on the weather forecast, lol!! I think I am getting much better as the muscle soreness is working down my back from my neck. Ugh, trying new chairs, streching, and cardio only starting today for a week or two. Not sure where this injury came from, but it is mighty inconvienient. 

School starts today, gotta get my son to his first day of his senior year!  


Sue Daurio said...

Love love love those blocks

Diane said...

those are great batiks your using-it will be a terrific quilt!