Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Technical questions about blogging/blogger

I have had a few things come to my attention recently while rearranging the layout of this blog.

I have found a high level of traffic in and out of the blog as redirects from undesirable sites. Is this a problem? I did a bit of changes including word verify to stop it and spam going to everyone. I also tried to make things more secure.  Does that stop it?  Is it just a part of having a free blog?  Is it also coming from other forms of social media? 

I want to protect the privacy of others and myself from being harassed by undesirable email and sites.

Any info or education for me?  Am I being overly concerned? 

I have so many questions a can't seem to find a straight answer on this topic. I am thinking about getting a different site and need any info out there.

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Liz Boyce said...

As long as you're not getting harassing messages or comments, I wouldn't worry about it. I think they're usually sites that are redirecting to your blog for whatever reason. I have that and nothing has ever been compromised on my blog.