Thursday, September 13, 2012

Feathers and simple living

Simple chores done often keep me on track. I hate dirty dishes so the dishwasher is usually loaded as i go. Mail is trashed weekly. I am finding that I stuff things in bins and bowls. I am pretty happy with the house. But it isn't organized like I think that others have theirs.
After all this time thinking about how it should be, I am OK with letting that idea (of how it should be ) go. I like the house and sewing space as is. This release has created a peace internally for me.
I have let the idea of a perfect yard go. Remind me next year as we prep for a grad  party!  I think a good thinning,  raking and a few annuals will make it look pretty.  No magazine cover but I keep telling g myself it isn't a real standard!
Sage advice from my grandmother that I remind myself of often:
Less is more

Here is a customer quilt that I had to apply this advice to when quilting it. The bold feathers made a big impact. Over quilting it would have been too over the top. I love this stitch and could do many quilts like it.
Next Thurs will be more sage advice from my grandmas!

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