Thursday, August 9, 2012

Keeping it Real

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Keeping it Real, a set on Flickr. You will have to click on each picture to see it bigger.
Yesterday was a day of keeping it real. I have posted some really pretty gardens from Mackinac Island. I have been asked if it was my garden as I talk about gardening often. Nope, see what my border garden looks like outside my door?

I wish I could get my garden to look that nice. Notice how the house shows? Yep my house. A cute little 100 year old farm house. Sometimes when I get overwhelmed by the renovations that need to get done, I think about some of the stories of poverty shown on the Olympics. I am really rich by so many people's standards in this world.

I also wanted to share that I was doing so well at being more fashionable, put together and avoiding "what not to wear." I chucked it all yesterday, I pinned my bangs up, and poked around all morning. I wore comfortable clothes and my comfy Clark sandals. It felt so good.

Then to change it all up, and in honor of my happiness project, I did something I have done in months. I cast some yarn on knitting needles. The air has a cool breeze in it, the early maples are turning red and a scarf had to be made. It is a dairy of sorts. I saw another blogger do this and thought it was great.

Each day I am knitting three rows of stockinette, with a garter border, to reflect the weather. Grey for cloudy days, green for sunny days. I had the yarn on hand and other days will inspire me to use different colors.

And lastly I was poking around with the Goomba block and looked at the time. I wasn't late for work yet!! Yep I gotta be there by 830!

I capped off the day by quilting 2 rows on the long arm. I finished binding my 5th quilt for the Olympic marathon and spent the evening with the family watching USA go for gold.

It was a great day. And that's truly what my happiness project is all about.

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