Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I really need to baste the completed tops and start quilting them.
I really have to be inspired to baste. I don't want to say I dislike doing that part but I do need all variables to be correct-temp, mood, time available and distractors.

I do the old school way to baste-sew with a big needle and thread. None of the other methods for a twin sized or bigger work. I have pinned smaller project but I always get a fold in the back of the quilt.

I really want to take a quilt class. Our shop isn't having any that I am interested in this month. Many classes are during the day and I work. I want to attend a good show too. I need inspiration I think.

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Brenda said...

I get alot of flack from my friends when I tell them, take a day off work and take a class!!! Boy do I get told.... but, from where I stand, work will Always be there!! If your sick, it's waiting for you, or someone takes care of it, and emergency and you can't come in, it's covered... what is the differnce if you take a day off for you???? so, if you find a class that you want to take, take a day, and do it.
And when it comes to some steps in this quilting hobby - I really need all the stars aligned just right to sometimes!! Once it gets past the top stage, I need them aligned, temp right, sun just right, and all that or I just put them back in the pile and start something else!! (needless to say - I have not finished many things.....)
I love to piece. I just do. the rest, well it's a chore....
And you will get your motivation back. Passion will return. Honest. the child in you will come out of hiding soon, but, you also have to give her pemission to come out and play!!! so, play hookey from work and go and take a class and play!!!! (shhhhhhhhhhh!!! I won't tell!!! ;-) go have some fun!!!)