Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday stash Report and the week wrap up

I am going to savor today, my last day of vacation. I have to start the re-entry into the real world slowly with grocery shopping and finishing up my house cleaning.

I went to Big Spring, a very clear spring in upper Michigan, and Mackinaw City. I bought a jar of "beach glass" for my candle arrangements. Ok, I know it isn't real beach glass but I don't have time to find that much!! We saw an outdoor wedding under the
lighthouse, and it was pouring rain on the ceremony. I felt so bad for the bride.

Yesterday we drove to the airport about 3.5 hours away and my daughter went back to college after a 10 day visit. It was a great visit. Then we went to the mall and found clothes for my son on a tremendous sale. I was disappointed that all the young men's clothes from Penney's were so feminine and he was not liking it, neither was I. So we found things at another store.

On the sewing front, I have made another 6 blocks for the exchange in the fall with my circle of friends. I have made edging yo-yo's and crocheted a few blocks. I received my needle cases from Hand-Dids exchange and they are so cute.

I am feeling catapulted to the regular old boring routine. Sigh, I will try to not be sad about it. I will find a lot more time to sew to compensate.


Brenda said...

well, think of something you can do to make it a 'new and exciting routine'!!!! What would you like to add to your schedual,that you are not doing now???? what can you change to make it seem more 'fun' yet still get it done?? make a time each week - do go on personal 'date' - even if it's just a 5 minute thing of something you would love to do - drive down a different road home or to someplace you have to go. Shop at a new-to-you store everymonth, and see if you have found a new place for you to go too..... make everyday an 'adventure'!!! Read a book you have been putting off, try a new coffee or tea - treat yourself special, 'cause, you are!!

knitnoid said...

I like the blocks you are making for the swap. What block is it?

Vicki said...

Thanks for the ideas. I need to add more exericse and more creative things in my life. I agree I need to mix up the routine.

I am not sure what the pattern is but it is a variation on Kansas Dugout. The tutorial is in the upper right column.

Thanks for the comments all!