Monday, August 24, 2009

a interesting quote

I was reminded of an old quote at church yesterday,

"When all is said and done,more i
s said than done." Aesop

I decided that I didn't want to have that as the standard for me. I decided I would rather the last line be changed slightly-

"When all is said and done,
IS More said than done?"

I want the answer to be NO!! I want to do more things than just talk about them without any accomplishment.

What do you think?


Brenda said...

that is a good quote.
to remind yourself about it, you could frame it- print it off nice, or write it nice and put it in a frame for around your sewing area or down the hallway in your house.
I love things like this around me, I have a few in my sewing room. it's a nice thought to think about.....

Conni said...

Great quote! God gave us 2 hands and 2 feet, but only one mouth for a reason!!

Micki said...

That's a great quote. I enjoyed reading it!